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Personal data protection

Personal Data Protection Agency performs affairs of a supervisory authority prescribed in the Personal Data Protection Law. In performing affairs within its scope of work, the Agency is autonomous and independent. The Agency has a status of a legal person. 
The competences of the Agency include performing administrative and technical affairs in the area of personal data protection.
The Agency:
- performs supervision over the implementation of personal data protection in accordance with this Law;
- decides on requests for the protection of rights;
- delivers opinions regarding the application of this Law;
- gives consent with regards to the establishment of personal data filing systems;
- delivers its opinion in the case of doubt whether a set of personal data is considered a filing system within the meaning of this Law;
- monitors the application of organisational and technical measures for personal data protection and proposes improvements of such measures;
- gives proposals and recommendations for the improvement of personal data protection;
- delivers opinions as to whether certain ways of personal data processing endanger the rights and freedoms of individuals;
- cooperates with bodies competent for supervision over the personal data protection in other countries;
- cooperates with competent state authorities in the process of preparation of regulations regarding personal data protection;
- puts forward the proposals for assessment of constitutionality of laws, that is constitutionality and lawfulness of other regulations and general acts governing the issues of personal data processing and
- performs other tasks in accordance with this Law. (Article 50 of the Personal Data Protection Law; Official Gazette of Montenegro 79/08 and 70/09)